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Disabled Holidays Accessible Holidays Self Drive Tours

Disabled Holidays Accessible Holidays Self Drive Tours

Disabled Tours, England British Tour Plans offer you, the independent traveller, self drive tours of England, Scotland and Wales in the form of a downloadable Tourplan which is sent to your computer in PDF format within minutes so that you can have all the information at your fingertips either in electronic form or just print off as many copies of the tour as you need. 
Uniquely, British Tour Plans try to offer the same tour opportunities to people with disabilities and disabled people needing wheelchair access. We have a positive attitude to disabilities and disabled travel.   To this end with disabilities, wheelchair access and disabled travel, it is the attention to detail that counts.

Every disabled traveller has different disabled travel needs. Our aim is to make your tour of Great Britain as comfortable and as easy as possible so that you make the most of your time over here.

Your Tourplan comes with full itinerary, turn by turn driving directions, maps and route planner.  We give you a “virtual host” to make the most of your self drive tour of England, Scotland and Wales with full details of all the sightseeing along the way and at each destination.  It’s just like a tour guide beside you on your tour, whether it’s the disabled person driving or a carer or companion.

Several years ago, legislation was introduced in the UK to ensure that disabled access improved dramatically and now all public buildings, shops, hotels and restaurants must have disabled access and facilities. 

There is a standard system used to grade disabilities and accessibility and this is shown in the table below.
All our tours have a section describing the access at each of the attractions and places that the tour visits to give an indication of any difficulty that may be encountered.  Most places are excellent and really do their best but ……. And there is always a but …. Quite a few of the sights that we visit are very very old and wheelchairs weren’t around when William the Conquerer invaded us in 1066 and he just didn’t have the foresight to put lifts into the castles that he built to provide better access 900 years later. 

All accommodation must now have disabled access.  Some places inevitably provide better and more comprehensive facilities than others.  The basics would be rooms on the ground floor to avoid having to use stairs, widened doors for wheelchair access, handrails and some other specialised fittings for the bathroom and toilet.  Other establishments will go far beyond the basics and provide roll-in / roll-out showers, lifting facilities and some will even provide carers and nurses.
If you require that level of care then we would suggest contacting the Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation. (R.A.D.A.R.) – who produce a publication entitled “Where to stay – a guide to accessible hotels in the UK and Ireland” which gives fantastic detail on these matters. Their website is .  You may also find the publications “Easy Access Britain” and “Britain’s Accessible places to stay” to be very usefull.  Both are published by VisitBritain and their website is at .
We have a range of tours that vary in length from 3 to 12 days and each tour is easily extended – in fact one couple extended the 12 day tour to 6 weeks by doing things at a very relaxed pace, spending more time at each of the “overnight” stops and doing everything that we list to extend the tour if you have more time.

British Tour Plans have years of experience in self drive tours that we share with you to not only save you time doing the research yourself but to give you the confidence that as you travel through England, Scotland and Wales, you are not going to miss something along the way.

If you are concerned about driving here in the UK, we have produced a driving Guide which we include free with every Tourplan and if you click on the link on our “Home” page you will see just how our roundabouts work. Most car rental companies will provide basic hand controls for disabled drivers with advanced notice but of course it’s not always the disabled person that is going to drive anyway. The UK also runs a ‘Blue Badge’ parking scheme for disabled drivers and passengers and there is even a scheme in most cities to rent electric wheelchairs for the day whilst parking in the same place – the Shopmobility Scheme. 

As a proud Englishman, I am passionate about Britain and I want to share my enthusiasm and experience of my country with you and offer support to ensure that you enjoy your self drive tour – when you go home, I want you to be as enthusiastic about England, Scotland and Wales as I am.
Subscribe now – it’s free – to our Newsletter and you can download the"Driving Advice for Britain" guide with my compliments.

So, visit “The Tours” page and browse the tours that we offer.  Some of the tours are themed with a ‘special interest’ , others are more general.

Choose a suitable tour, pay securely with your credit card and download the whole tourplan directly to your computer to save and printout as many copies as you need.

You can then book everything that you need on-line through our website – everything from travel insurance, hotels of all standards to suit your budget, car hire, even travel passes to get into attractions free … everything is here for your convenience…………… and what will your friends, colleagues and even family say when you tell them that you are going to tour the UK !!

National Accessible Scheme
Please check specific requirements at the time of booking
National Accessible Scheme
Typically suitable for a person with sufficient mobility to climb a flight of steps but would benefit from fixtures and fittings to aid balance.
Disability Tour
Typically suitable for a person with restricted walking ability and for those that may need to use a wheelchair some of the time.
Disability Tour
Typically suitable for a person who depends on the use of a wheelchair and transfers unaided to and from a wheelchair in a seated position.
Disability Tour Itineraries
Typically suitable for a person who depends on the use of a wheelchair and transfers to and from the wheelchair in a seated position. They also require personal / mechanical assistance to aid transfer eg. carer / host.

Let us know at Britishtourplans what your disabilities and wheelchair access needs are and we will do our best to take these into account. If it is possible to help organise your disabled vacation, then our answer will be YES.


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